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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


1) Is IPSEC a religious organization?
No. IPSEC is not a religious organization. IPSEC is a tax deductible 501(c)(3) entity under the U.S. Internal Revenue Code, Section 170. EIN: 26-4633958.

2) Is IPSEC under the jurisdiction of a particular Orthodox Church?
IPSEC works directly with all Eastern and Oriental Churches, but it does not share any juridical affiliation with a particular Church jurisdiction.

3) Can an individual become a member of IPSEC?
IPSEC is not a member-based organization. Therefore, individuals cannot become members of the institute. However, affiliations exist in terms of specific appointments in the institution's leadership.

4) Can a non-profit organization become affiliated with IPSEC?
Yes, on the condition that the mission of the organization seeking affiliation with IPSEC is in line with IPSECís mission, and that the respective organization does not divert from its original values.

5) Can IPSEC become an affiliated member of another organization?
Yes, on the condition that the respective organization shares similar goals and values as IPSEC.

6) Can I audit an IPSEC course or take it for credit?
Yes. You can either audit a course, or take it for credit. If you audit the course you will have access to the course syllabus, course resources, group discussions, as well as minimal faculty supervision. If you are taking the course for credit, then you will receive regular faculty support as in any college level course.

7) Are IPSEC courses accredited for undergraduate and graduate credit?
If you take a course for credit, it is up to your college to accept the credits. In the course section, IPSEC states the learning assessment methodology used when awarding academic credit ours. Upon the completion of three courses, IPSEC will offer a Certificate in Religion and Peace. Because the Certificate in Religion and Peace is not a degree, the credits may be transferred to an academic institution if accepted by the respective school.

8) Are IPSEC courses offered on-line only?
IPSEC courses are offered on-line only, using the OpenClass platform. IPSEC may also offer its courses in conjunction with other universities, in which case, the credits are being offered by the respective university.

9) Can I place announcements in the IPSEC Newsletter?
Yes. IPSEC Newsletter disseminates announcements of general interest which are in line with the mission and the vision of the institute.

10) Can overseas seminar-workshops be taken for credit?
Yes. Seminar-workshop can be taken for credit. Occasionally, seminar-workshops involve traveling overseas in areas which the US Department of States considers safe for US citizen to travel.


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