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As a part of its educational program, IPSEC offers several courses which explore and advance the general study of religion and collective violence, while also exploring the subjects of peace and violence through the lenses of Orthodox Christian theology, ecclesiology, history, and culture.


IPSEC courses can be taken for audit or for credit. If you are interested in taking a course, please note the available options.

Option 1 ($50.00/course)
An Option 1 course is designed for personal development and it is offered as an introductory course for the general audience. The course package includes access to a limited amount of educational materials, recorded lectures, and tests for self-evaluation. Please note that courses in the Option 1 format receive no faculty support, no academic credit, and cannot be counted toward the requirements for a Certificate of Studies, since the awarding of a Certificate demands faculty supervision and evaluation.

Option 2 ($200.00/course with IPSEC credit)
The Option 2 course is designed for university level (undergraduate and graduate) and it can be taken for personal development or academic credit. The package includes academic syllabus, access to the complete educational material, recorded lectures, advanced tests for self-evaluation, faculty support, and grading. Upon completion, IPSEC will issue an academic transcript upon request only. Please note that IPSEC is not accredited as a college. Therefore, if you wish to transfer IPSEC credits to your college or university, it will be up to your institution to accept credits.

Option 3 (fee to be determined by the institution offering academic credit)
Option 3 is similar to Option 2 in terms of contents, faculty support, and evaluation. The only difference consists in the variability of the fees assigned per credit hour, as well as in special enrollment requirements set by the university granting academic credit. If you are interested in pursuing this option, please contact us for details.


Option 1 offers access to a limited amount of educational materials, recorded lectures, and tests for self-evaluation, but no faculty support, evaluation and grading. The method of instruction for Option 2 and Option 3 includes lectures, readings assignments, group discussions, individual research assignments, a mid-term and a final exam. Given the interdisciplinary nature of the courses, each class will be structured in such a way as to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the readings and stimulate creative thinking and conversations across the disciplines. Each class session will include lecture, a power-point presentation, a threaded discussion which will focus on the assigned readings, and email and video access to the instructor. Class participation will be evaluated and graded by assigned deadlines. Examination will also include a midterm and a final paper.


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* Religion and Collective Violence
* War and Peacemaking in Orthodox Christianity
* Peace and Violence in World Religions



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