The Holistic Society: Proceedings of Harvard Square Symposium Volume 1 | Year 2017

The Scientific Press: Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

EXTENDED Paper Due: March 31, 2017

The Scientific Press together with the Institute for Peace Studies in Eastern Christianity, Inc., cordially announces the Call for Papers for the third volume of the Proceedings of Harvard Square Symposium.

The theme of this issue is “The Holistic Society: Multi-Disciplinary Perspectives.”

The attempt to apprehend the components of a society as an intimate ecosystem has reached new dimensions due to the impact of science and technology over the new mechanisms of socialization, urbanization, and globalization. This impact shifted the social paradigms in unanticipated directions, as the new relationships are now increasingly determined by a clinical separation by lines of professional interests, hobbies, sports and cultural passions, at the expense of sharing an intimate space. At the same time, the new puzzles triggered by the empirical realities of the physical world, in concert with spiritual consciousness and cultural meaning, seem to converge toward a unified worldview. Therefore, new questions are now raised in reference to what it means to be a human being living in a holistic society of the 21st century. Answers to these questions are invited from every field of arts, sciences, and humanities, as an attempt to build a common denominator toward the development of a holistic society.

We welcome papers written in the fields of Anthropology, Biology, Chemistry, Economy, Engineering, Environment, History, Informatics, Law, Linguistics, Literature, Mathematics, Medicine, Medical Informatics, Physics, Political Science, Philosophy, Theology, and others.

The accepted papers will be published by the Scientific Press in Cambridge, MA in the Proceedings. The Proceedings of Harvard Square Symposium are indexed by Bowker and its affiliates.

The goal of the Harvard Square Symposium is to reunite promising and well established scholars in a creative environment, to propose holistic ways of thinking by nurturing the engagement of the global intellectual elite into conversations meant to tackle the new challenges faced by the mankind.

For details about Harvard Square Symposium please visit www.scientificpress.org, or contact us at symposium@scientificpress.org

The Harvard Square Symposium is a registered Service Mark of the Institute for Peace Studies in Eastern Christianity. It is organized several times a year in Cambridge, MA and usually held as a private event at Harvard University’s Faculty Club, in Cambridge, MA.

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