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IPSEC Newsletter
Year 2 No 12 | September 12, 2016


Welcome to a new edition of IPSEC Newsletter.

Remembering the victims of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, we cannot but think of all those human beings from around the world who died a violent death as victims of terrorism. We also pray for those who live in fear of terror in other parts of the world.

Life is the most precious gift from our Creator.
Let us preserve it!
Let us celebrate it!

Marian Gh. Simion, PhD

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On September 29, 2016, IPSEC will serve once again as an institutional partner in the organization of the international scientific conference titled, “Freedom of Religion and Conscience in the Context of National Security." IPSEC will co-partner with the Romanian Parliament (Chamber of Deputies | Committee for Legal Matters, Discipline and Immunities), International Religious Liberty Association, and “Asociaţia Conştiinţă şi Libertate” (The Conscience and Liberty Association from Bucharest), the leading organizer of the event.




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The first part reviews ancient Christian writings, rituals, religious laws, and contemporary writings for the purpose of identifying the core teachings of the Orthodox Church on violence and peace. The second part explores themes such as ‘evil’ and ‘dualism’ for the purpose of comprehending heretical attitudes that emerged during times of war. Political subjects such as Just War and Nationalism are explored for the purpose of identifying instances when members of the Orthodox Church sanctioned defensive violence and bolstered xenophobia. The third part recommends peacemaking methods applicable to Orthodox Christian settings in light of the tripartite dimension of violence against God, self, and another human being.

spiritual war

“Brave and determined thinking is a friend of stillness. It is always on the watch at the doors of the heart, killing or driving off invading notions. What I mean by this will be well understood by the man who practices stillness in the deep places of the heart…” (St. John Climacus The Ladder of Divine Ascent, “Step 27” 89.)




The Saint Andrew’s Biblical Theological Institute of Moscow, Russia, announces two international conferences. The first conference, “Theology of Suffering in Ecumenical Perspective,” will be held in Bose, Italy, during 26–29 October 2016. The second conference, “Theology of Nature: Divine Gift and Human Responsibility” will be held in Utrecht, the Netherlands, during 9–12 November 2016. Detailed information is available at

orthodox world

Please don't leave, Middle East church leaders beg Christians (Christian Today)

The ‘Ethiopian Spring’: “Killing is not an answer to our grievances” (Geeska Afrika Online)

Arab Christian’s murder may reveal deadly American tensions (CRUX)

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