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Year 2 No 8 | July 13, 2016


Harvard Square Symposium®

Multi-Disciplinary Perspectives

August 22-23, 2016

Keynote Speakers

prodromou Elizabeth Prodromou, PhD

Vice-Chair and Commissioner on the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (2004-2012)

Fr. Nicholas J. Greanias, LLM, JD

Former U.S. Consul General



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IPSEC at the Parliament of Romania


On September 29, 2016, IPSEC will serve once again as an institutional partner in the organization of the international scientific conference titled, “Freedom of Religion and Conscience in the Context of National Security." IPSEC will co-partner with the Romanian Parliament (Chamber of Deputies | Committee for Legal Matters, Discipline and Immunities), International Religious Liberty Association, and “Asociaţia Conştiinţă şi Libertate” (The Conscience and Liberty Association from Bucharest), the leading organizer of the event.

IPSEC and the Scientific Press®
proudly release

The Future of Knowledge: Proceedings of
Harvard Square Symposium
Volume 1 | Year 2016, edited by Titus Corlăţean
and Ioan-Gheorghe Rotaru

Future of Knowledge

The Institute for Peace Studies in Eastern Christianity (IPSEC) together with the Scientific Press® are pleased to announce the publication of the volume titled, The Future of Knowledge: Proceedings of Harvard Square Symposium | Volume 1 | Year 2016, edited by His Excellency, Prof. Dr. Titus Corlăţean (Romania’s former Minister of Foreign Affairs); and Rev. Prof. Dr. Ioan-Gheorghe Rotaru. This volume contains scientific papers in arts and sciences presented at the first edition of Harvard Square Symposium® a symposium organized by the Scientific Press® together with IPSEC on April 29–30, 2016, in Cambridge Massachusetts. (more...)

Freedom as a Dilemma of Faith
IPSEC featured on SperanțaTV in
Chișinău, Republic of Moldova

On May 10, 2016 Dr. Marian Simion was invited by SperantaTV to speak on the subject, “Freedom as a Dilemma of Faith.” This interview was conducted in Romanian language, in Chișinău, Republic of Moldova, in the context of an international conference on Freedom of Conscience, organized by the Liberty and Conscience Association from Bucharest, Romania, together with the Academy of Sciences of Moldova in Chişinău, Republic of Moldova. (watch video here)

New Partnership

IPSEC and the Academy of Sciences
of the Republic of Moldova
are now partners

On May 19, 2016, IPSEC entered into a partnership with the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Moldova (the Institute of Philology), by signing a Memorandum of Agreement for Scientific Collaboration. The purpose of this partnership is to establish a platform for collaboration in all fields proposed by the partnering institutions, and in accordance with the international obligations and the domestic laws of each party. The parties will cooperate on research, will create internships, and will establish joint committees to organize conferences, symposia, and roundtables, and they will develop international projects and programs in accordance with their institutional missions.

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Orthodox Peace Fellowship
reflects on the Holy and Great Council

In an article titled, "War and Peace in Today’s World: a commentary on the The Mission of the Orthodox Church in Today’s World,” and signed by Nicolas Sooy of the Orthodox Peace Fellowship, the author considers that the document "offers a powerful and timely statement on war, peace and justice." (read article...).


Challenges for Restoring the
Byzantine Female Diaconate
for Present Times

by Ashley Purpura

Pope Francis’s recent call for a commission to explore the possibility of reinstating the female diaconate in the Catholic Church resonates with over a century of similar calls among leaders and laity of the Orthodox Church. These calls for restoring the female diaconate within the Eastern Orthodox Church have been supported by prominent theologians and hierarchs. Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I even stated in 1995 that, “There is no canonical difficulty in ordaining women as deacons in the Orthodox Church,” and in 1997, that the “order of ordained deaconesses is an undeniable part of tradition” and that “there are already a number of women who appear to be called to this ministry.” (continue...)


IPSEC Field Site Orientation
Harvard Divinity School

IPSEC Annual Field Education Site Fair will be held at Harvard Divinity School on September 8, 2016 (4:30-5:30). Attendance is restricted to the Harvard Divinity School and BTI students only.

St. Andrew’s Biblical Theological Institute
International Conferences

The Saint Andrew’s Biblical Theological Institute of Moscow, Russia, announces two international conferences. The first conference, “Theology of Suffering in Ecumenical Perspective,” will be held in Bose, Italy, during 26–29 October 2016. The second conference, “Theology of Nature: Divine Gift and Human Responsibility” will be held in Utrecht, the Netherlands, during 9–12 November 2016. Detailed information is available at

The world we live in...

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