Harvard Square Symposium® publishes the proceedings of its conferences (whenever these are organized in Cambridge, MA), as well as thematic papers received on regular bases as announced in the Call for Papers. Papers are welcomed from fields such as, Anthropology, Biology, Chemistry, Economy, Engineering, Environment, History, Informatics, Law, Linguistics, Literature, Mathematics, Medicine, Medical Informatics, Physics, Political Science, Philosophy, Theology, and others. While The Proceedings of the Harvard Square Symposium are registered with the Library of Congress ISSN 2474-9125 (online) ISSN 2475-031X (print), each volume is registered separately with an ISBN.

Our latest issue


The Phenomenon of Migration
Proceedings of Harvard Square Symposium Volume 2 | Year 2016

Scientific Editors

Ioan-Gheorghe Rotaru
Denise E. Simion
Viorica Burcea

The Scientific Press,
Cambridge, MA


An archive of the Proceedings is available here.
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